Malcolm GrantI’m the busiest person I know. Life couldn’t be any fuller or more exciting at the moment. May it never end…

I was born in Sydney in 1973, but grew up in northern NSW near a small town called Mullumbimby, immersed in a rich tapestry of music and creative people. In Mullumbimby I was surrounded by musicians and I toured with my first rock n roll band as an audio engineer at an early age. I later attended university in Central QLD and continued working in the music industry.

Upon leaving university, my career has taken me from live audio, to theatre, to the recording industry.  While at the studio I discovered my love for photography and the darkroom. A mentor at the time pushed me to take my first images and his lessons are still with me today. Thank you Russ.

Moving on over the last 10 years I have been very fortunate to travel the globe and shoot a great many things.  Now I have found a love of shooting art nudes and have made a great many friends: both photographers and models, from all over the planet.

University trained me to be logical, analytical and a lateral thinker… I continuously try to balance my propeller hat with the pursuit of the creative. I hope you enjoy the works here online.

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